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Urban Delicious is a team of two with a dedication to local, natural, healthy and delicious foods. It all started with Richard's love for speciality, artisan-roasted coffee. Marjolijn came in with a sprinkle of beekeeping goodness, which turned into a range of beautiful micro-apiary Cape honeys. Their latest is a tribute to the ancient human wisdom for modern times - a sprouting-turns-food-into-superfood organic hummus and collection of artisan (organic or naturally grown) flours.

Heartveld Sprouted Goods is our tasty range of organic sprouted fare with phenomenal health benefits.

Two thousand years ago, the Essenes were sprouting their wheat – and for good reason! Sprouting or, in the case of oats and nuts, activating, makes these foods far more digestible and nutritious. Grains and seeds have a built-in defence system that makes it hard for us to tolerate them. On top of that, anti-nutrients called phytates inhibit our ability to absorb the vitamins and minerals in the grain, including the food we eat with it. When we sprout/activate, we neutralise most of these anti-nutrients, transforming grains and nuts into readily digestible superfoods. So that is what we do!

In short, sprouting of grains and pulses:

  • increases the bio-availability of otherwise locked-in vitamins and minerals;
  • greatly diminishes harmful enzymes and anti-nutrients;
  • makes them much easier to digest;
  • allows for all of the wheat berry to be used (i.e. the vital wheat germ is not removed);
  • converts hard-to-assimilate starches into simple, low GI vegetable sugars;
  • can greatly improve tolerance for people with wheat sensitivities.

Trump & Timbal Coffee Roasters is a speciality coffee company inspired by Enlightenment coffee culture.

From the late Renaissance, coffee houses became havens for intellectual, commercial and artistic activity; so much so, that some historians believe coffee sparked the Age of Enlightenment. We’d certainly like to think so!

We celebrate this era of discovery, where a pioneering spirit and a childlike sense of wonder gave life to boundless marvels of art, science and philosophy, and a few centuries later: Trump & Timbal Coffee Roasters!

Each coffee bean is a unique expression of a long journey made from farm to table: climate and season; altitude and topography; soil and species all shape the way coffee tastes in your cup.

And, when we touch coffee with our hands, we bring to it our own individual character: from harvesting and processing; to blending and roasting; to grinding and brewing.

So, the next time you brew some Trump & Timbal coffee, notice for a moment how this long and careworn journey alights in your cup, delivering the same inspiration that once gave rise to the Age of Reason!

Traceability statement:

Our hummus is hand made; our coffee is small batch roasted to order; our wholemeal flours are stone ground on day of delivery using a Komo mill. Our honeys are expensive because we demand incredibly high ethics from the beekeepers accepted into our network: no migratory beekeeping practices (only stationary hives), non-invasive harvest techniques, no feeding of sugar syrup (bees winter on their own honey), no chemicals or antibiotics.  Our wheat is from Lowerland and Ayama farms. They are both are adopting or already engaged in regenerative farming practices. Our chickpeas are organic but sourced from italy (we are waiting for local options to become vailable - currently none). Our chickpeas are organic however imported since there is no local option to date. All our coffee is ehtically sourced (uncertified fair trade), and where possible I source organic coffees that are responsibly farmed, although this is not always easy to trace. The coffee industry is still adapting to these market needs - and certified coffees are often prohibitively expensive without offering equivalent quality. We use lean and biodegradable packaging to minimise our footprint.