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Please check out our food club dates below for this year.

Full clubs are at month end and include our full range of fresh produce, meat, fish, snacks, breads, cupboard store essentials & household products.

Mini clubs are a mid month to- up of fresh produce such as bread, dairy, oat milk, Santa Annas Nachos (essential!), fruit, veg as well as items that we store in stock: Flour, Olives, Butter, Oat milk, Falafel mix, Honey, Santa Annas & Sheba Feminine range.

Order dates for 2021

Open Close Collections Notes
August 06 August 09 August 11 (Wed) Mini club
August 13 August 17 August 25 (Wed) Full club
September 03 September 06 September 08 (Wed) Mini club
September 10 September 14 September 22 (Wed) Full club
October 01 October 04 October 06 (Wed) Mini club
October 15 October 19 October 27 (Wed) Full club
November 12 November 15 November 17 (Wed) Mini food club
November 19 November 23 December 01 (Wed) Last Full club of the year
December 08 December 10 December 15 (Wed) Mini club
December 13 December 24 January 01 (Sat)