Eikelaan farm produce organically grown vegetables and free range meat products , olives and olive oil. We also source from local farmers in the Tulbagh valley We deliver on a daily bases to areas in the Western Cape. 


The demand for food grown without harmful chemicals is growing rapidly. Lynette grows all her vegetables using organic methods, this starts with soil improvement, healthy soil = healthy plants. Companion planting and the use of green manures also assist in growing healthy, nutritious plants which are naturally more resistant to disease. Visitors are welcome, for many city children it is the first time they see how their food is grown.


Growing food organically is labour intensive. Lynette employs 2 full time gardeners and 2 women for picking & packing. The farm has given the farm workers a section of land where they can grow their own produce, they also sell excess back to the farm. Lynette also sources vegetables from workers on neighbouring farms and other valley locals who grow their produce organically, creating much needed additional income within the community.


The Eikelaan hens have access to the outdoors during daylight hours so they can scratch and sunbathe. They love to scratch and eat the weeds and left over vegetables provided from the garden. They are fed GM corn.

Eikelaan's broiler chickens are not pasture raised and are fed a GM diet.


Eikelaan also has its own olive grove. Olive harvest is in autumn, the oil is pressed locally and available for sale in sizes up to 5lts. Other Olive products include tapenade and black or green olives in brine.