Railway Siding Precinct, Anson Street, Observatory

The Apothecary is devoted to creating wholesome household and personal care products that respect people, the earth and all living systems. We carefully consider the broad health and environmental impact of every process we are part of, from our choice of ingredients and packaging to our waste free, small scale production methods. Our delicious body products are all edible. Our spotless cleaning products break down easily and quickly into benign substances. We offer a broad range of products, ranging from everything you need for laundry and household cleaning, through bathroom basics such as deodorant and toothpaste, to high quality skin care products. We also make a range of sun protection products under the name RAspect.

We strive to MAKE IT BETTER in everything we do.

*We carefully make and package each item we sell by hand, here in Cape Town.

*We source our ingredients as locally as we can, favouring small-scale, ethical and waste free suppliers who are guided by organic principles.

*Our packaging is minimal and either completely biodegradable in a home composting environment or fully reusable and returnable.

THE APOTHECARY is a fully woman-owned and operated, small, local business. We hope you enjoy exploring our wide range of wholesome products!

We strive to minimise waste and make only a positive impact in all aspects of our business, not just the packaging of our finished products. This extends from our choice of ingredients and suppliers to our production methods.