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Our A2 milk is produced cows that are free to roam and graze in the pastures all day and every day and they are a herd that predominately produces the A2 beta-casein protein in their milk There are 2 kinds of proteins in cow milk – A1 and A2, which differ by one single amino acid.

 Yet, this one difference can change the way the milk is digested in the human body.

A2 is the purest form of milk produced by cows who are loved, nurtured, pasture fed, taken care of and kept in a happy environment.

 As a result, the milk is purer and nutritious. With the amazing nutritional benefits, A2 milk is the way your daily dairy should taste, look, and be enjoyed – just the way nature intended!

 It is Free of Hormones and Antibiotics and our A2 products can be found in all good Organic shops around Cape Town.  

Our products are available in either plastic or glass and we use no preservatives or additives

Just 100% natural dairy products full of natural goodness and healthy probiotics


Why A2 Milk

Benefits of A2 Milk and A2 Products

A2 is cow’s milk that contains only the A2 variant of the beta-casein protein. We believe Milk is milk, Well not so. Not all animals produce milk with the same kinds of nutrients.

In fact, certain important nutrients in A2 milk are different on a structural level. The primary protein in milk is known as βeta-casein.

This protein comes in two forms: A1 and A2, each of which includes a different amino acid in its structure. The A1 protein may have serious effects on digestive health and many people suffer from lactose intolerance, a condition where the body does not produce lactase, the enzyme that breaks down lactose.

However, recent studies have shown that A2 milk is healthier and easier for the body to absorb and digest. Our A2 milk comes from happy, pasture fed Fleckvieh cows and the farm uses no hormones or antibiotics, just the way it should be - The farm is in Swellendam

Our A2 milk is from grass fed, happy Fleckvieh cows which is rich in protein and should be classified as a superfood

Grass-fed A2 cow’s milk contains higher amounts of beneficial antioxidants and a great source of:

Vitamin A

Vitamin D

Vitamin B12



Omega 3 and 6

Conjugated Linoleic Acid [ CLA ]