Dad's Mayo

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Dad’s Mayo is ultimately a nostalgic passion project. Dad (Richard Pooler) generated a startling reputation making delicious, natural ingredient mayonnaise in his trusty Kenwood mixer. The recipe was a mix of inspirations, often conflicting techniques and decades of trial and error. 

As a child one of my first Mayo memories was my god-father lapping up an entire jar with a table spoon while waiting for dinner, dangerously delicious, and a sight I have grown accustomed to. Because of how much everyone loved Dad’s mayo, and because he left me his trusty Kenwood, I continue to make it, the way he did, for everyone to enjoy.

Dad’s Mayo could easily be called an aioli, with a strong garlicky richness, balanced with a zesty lemony zing, and a tiny touch of mustard bite in the finish.

Ingredients: Fresh eggs, garlic, lemon, wine vinegar, Grain and vegetable oil, mustard (primarily wholegrain for texture), salt.

*No sugar

*No preservatives

Just fresh, natural ingredients, in their healthiest form - as mayo should be.