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ABALOBI is a fisher-driven social enterprise. Our mobile app suite and programmes include an electronic Catch Documentation and Traceability platform and a MARKETPLACE for what we term Storied Seafood or Fish With a Story.

We operate the ABALOBI MARKETPLACE with fishers and their partner organisations to achieve transparent, equitable and responsible supply chains. You are now able to be part of South Africa's first Community Supported Fishery - a movement that promotes fair prices for fishers, traceable supply chains, sustainable catch methods, 'eating with the ecosystem' and supporting local food systems and livelihoods. Our CSF provides a framework for fishers and patrons alike to creatively steward marine resources. You can now access #fishwithastory from your local Food Club! 


Food security, as well as the livelihoods of many local fishing communities, are influenced by the seafood choices consumers make. This is particularly true in developing countries, such as South Africa.

Seafood is one of the most traded food commodities worldwide. Globally, developing countries are the biggest exporters of fishery products. These exports are a valuable source of foreign exchange and the industries around them contribute to generating employment.

To ensure abundant fish stocks and seafood for the future, it is vital to keep ecosystems balanced and healthy. Sustainable seafood makes social, economic and environmental sense.

With so many seafood options in restaurants and supermarkets, how can you ensure that you’re making the best choice? SASSI makes it easy for you to understand your options and take action! http://wwfsassi.co.za/why-choose-green/

The call is clear: as a seafood consumer, it is important to act using the power you have to vote with your wallet. Choose Green and buy seafood that comes from the most sustainable sources.

Discover how your seafood choices have an effect on our oceans.