Abitz Farming - Angelo

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LAB AquaTrades (PTY) LTD, 96 Hoog St 7300 Malmesbury, South Africa

Abitzfarming is a black-owned dedicated, diverse team of individuals that are passionate about organically grown, healthy fresh vegetables.

Angelo has a passion for growing something out of nothing. 3 years ago, Angelo started with breeding 5 Tilapia fish and sold these to consumers, using the proceeds to fund community projects. Then Covid hit and he starting making masks and generating income to buy seeds. 

He and his business partner rented a small holding in a town called Abbotsdale and we created a training centre for individuals to learn about farming. They had a small greenhouse and were helping start community gardens and running workshops in marginalised communities to promote resilience and sustainable gardening and living.

Then they were given the opportunity to rent 2 hectares in Riverlands to farm organically. They now have 3 small scale farms, with internships for community members. All the proceeds are reinvested back into the business and community projects. As markets opened up, they realised that they needed to help secure market access for other small scale farmers around us. We took some other farmers under our umbrella, which is now going strong as Abitzfarming.

“Instilling confidence in our product and our clients has always been very important to us. However it's for us a bigger privilege to hear the appreciation and honest good will from our network surrounding farmers as they see their produce on menus all over the Western Cape. Anyone that we supply should know that they are touching many lives and feeding many mouths.”