N'Rougas Farm

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N'Rougas Noord, Farm 108, R27 Kenhardt, Northern Cape, South Africa

N’Rougas Farm is in the heart of Bushmanland, just South of the Orange River in the Northern Cape between Kenhardt and Upington. Here the stars shine bright, the sheep roam freely and an abundance of indigenous edible plants that have adapted to the arid environment flourish. 

Mother and daughter, 4th and 5th generation of landowners, are partnering with a local family who has worked on the land for three generations. Our purpose is to rejuvenate the soil and the spirit on the land we love, producing much-loved lamb that builds carbon in the soil, and a range of flavourful and health-rejuvenating indigenous plant foods.

Our sheep farming is predator friendly – the sheep are shepherded by day and kraaled by night, allowing the jackals and caracals to live with us on the farm, performing their important roles in the local ecosystem.

We use Savory’s Holistic Management system – our shepherds move the sheep in grazing patterns that are designed to simulate natural migration of the wildlife that used to roam here. The trampling hooves of our flock moving together works the manure and dead plant material back into the soil, creating a fertile seed bed and allowing the rain to be more effectively absorbed into the soil instead of running off and causing erosion. This, along with carefully planned recovery time for the plants while the sheep are elsewhere, means that we will soon see regeneration in biodiversity, plant matter and soil health. This allows us to capture greater quantities of Carbon in the soil.

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