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Welcome to the Oh Oat family. We’re on a mission to produce beautiful, clean-label oat milk right here in Cape Town, South Africa. If you’re interested in plant-based milk, plastic-free packaging and local production we’re t(oat)ally a match made in heaven.

And if you’re a caffeine addict (like us) you’ll find our milk complements your coffee and steams into silky smooth perfection. Made for baristas by baristas, you won’t taste a better suited dairy (oat)ernative for your coffee.

But the best part of our m*lk is our broader ambition as a company: to reinvigorate local production, to start a conversation around single-use plastic and to kickstart the circular economy in South Africa.

So... enjoy your bottle of oat milk. Bake with it, cook with it, make a cappucino out of it. And whether we work together or not, please give us your honest feedback - we can’t change the world with(oat) your help.

Our oats are currently sourced from Finland. It is actually very hard to get hold of oats in South Africa - SA is a net importer and most oats go to Jungle Oats or animal feed. We would like to source locally and from farms that practice no till, regeneratively, but currently this is not financially sustainable.

Hub says:

They are South Africa's first fresh oat milk. It's delicious and is made with filtered water, oats*, sunflower oil, calcium carbonate and salt. Shelf life - currently 14 days. 

*The oats are gluten free but produced in a factory that uses gluten, so best to avoid if you are gluten sensitive.